Beach House Event Catering: The China Debacle

So I met this lovely couple early on in my business and they were planning a wedding on Pensacola Beach. This was my first wedding with my new catering business so I was a nervous wreck, but they had a pretty easy idea overall. They wanted something incredible and simple at the same time. I was more than happy to oblige! The wedding itself was going to be on the beach and the reception at a beautiful home right on the beach. The plan was originally something simple, some type of chicken, fish, pork, and a vegetarian meal, but as we started doing the tasting it was becoming more and more apparent that they did want something a little more incredible than I had done before. The pressure was on, and I was ready to meet the challenge!

This was early on in the business, so it was one of my first catering jobs and I was a little nervous because I wanted to make sure their big day was very special. All of the sudden I realized through a conversation that they were expecting me to supply china and tablecloths for a 100 person dinner, not disposable plates like I normally do! Needless to say, I did not have the china and table cloths needed for a party of that size. Prior to this I specialized in coffee and desert bars, so I got all of my plates from here. Continue reading “Beach House Event Catering: The China Debacle”